AI + Human Writing

Market at scale with AI-assisted content writing services in English and French.

AI + Human Support

Supplement custom Chatbots with human support for excellent customer service.

AI + Human Transcription

AI-Powered and Human Verified Voice Transcription, Translation and Data Annotation Services.

Welcome to Shango ai

History in the Making

Beyond the hype, one of the major fears that came with AI has been the threat of job loss to low skills workers and even white-collar professionals. Many experts attribute the job reductions in Big Tech of the last few years, at least partly, to AI. This is a major concern especially in developing economies where jobs were scarce to begin with.

Shango AI is a startup launched in Canada but that will be operating out of Nairobi, Kenya and Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, with the sole objective to build business process outsourcing solutions that take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by AI, but also combine human skills and expertise. The goal is to build profitable solutions that benefit the businesses it serves and their customers, but also, eventually, to build AI-powered solutions that can be implemented on the African continent.

Build solutions that combine both AI and Humans
Create a platform for using AI to create new jobs in emerging markets
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